EB15 Ultra-thin Safety Light Curtain

1.Reinforced installation brackets adopted, good anti-shock performance, durable.
2. Multi-type of controllers and installation brackets can be chosen.
3. High quality components adopted, with high safety performance and stability.
4. Already passed the national test standard, certificated with utility model patent.
5. One controller can control multi-pairs of sensors.
6. In accordance with GB4584-2007 Technical Standards and Regulations of

1. Working Principle.

 Normally the emitter of light curtain emits infrared light straightly to the receiver and that will form a protection curtain. When a opaque object enters into the protection zone, the light curtain will be interrupted. Then a control signal will be generated and transmitted to the control circuit and other alarm equipment, realizing the machine tool’s stop or alarm.

 2.Technical parameters:


3. Wire Connection Diagram

4. Dimension Diagram


5. Specification Explanation

6. Model Selection